Aurifil Color Builders - 40 wt

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    The 2021 Aurifil Color Builders were created in part to herald and highlight the very first thread weight produced by Aurifil: 40wt. They are a capsule of 12 mini-collections dedicated to an incredibly worthy cause that falls in line with our goal to increase Aurifil’s sustainability and positive environmental impact — Endangered Species. Each collection contains three large spools of our supple and strong 40wt thread — a light, a medium, and a dark.

    Aurifil has drawn our color inspiration from 12 magnificent animals, currently in dire need of attention, advocacy, and compassion. We are dedicated to highlighting their stories, helping to educate on their struggles, and working to create valuable change via awareness and fundraising. To help achieve these goals, we are collaborating with Earth League International and are looking forward to a strong and effective partnership.

    To register for the Aurifil Color Builders 2021 subscription, please purchase the January thread box and we will contact you to register your subscription.

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