Tochi by Debbie Maddy for Moda Fabrics - Coming Soon!

We are so excited for Tochi by Debbie Maddy for Moda Fabrics to be arriving soon!


"First a little about me just in case you do not know me. I am what you might call a multi-tasking creator of fun things. Or as some might say “I am into a lot of different things for my art and sewing.” I started sewing garments when I was very young and still love that. I have been quilting almost 40 years. I did my first quilt pattern 19 years ago and have not stopped. My big passion now is hand dyeing fabrics, especially indigo dyeing and Tochi is my latest line based on my hand dyed samples. I love learning new things and adore teaching others that are interested in what I love, mainly quilting and shibori stitching and indigo dyeing." - Debbie Maddy

The Tochi line includes three gorgeous colorways - Indigo Blue, Golden Yellow and Soft Grey.

 Tochi is available in 32 prints as yardage and also in Pre Cuts.

There is a very special panel in all three colorways. It is called koraju, which means collage.

The Indigo Blue panel is Koraju Sora. Sora means sky in Japanese.

 The Golden Yellow panel is called Koraju Wara or straw.

Koraju Kaishi is the Soft Grey panel or beginning.

 I can totally see using these panels in quilted jackets! These are a few that I think would look awesome:

We also have the Flight of Fancy Quilt Kit available. With this kit, you can make 2 quilts using 1 Layer Cake. We have kit options for you to make only 1 quilt or both quilts!

Tochi is currently available for Pre Order with an expected arrival date of Late August/ Early September.


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